Curtain slide tape - Product details


Curtain Slide Tape is a drapery rod accessory that allows curtain rings to slide easily across the curtain rod. 

Material: Curtain Slide tape is made with a durable teflon-like coating which won't scratch off and will wear for years -- even with daily use.

Long lasting: Unlike wax, soap and sprays, Curtain Slide Tape is a long-term and maintenance-free solution.

Works on: Curtain Slide Tape adheres to wood, metal, wrought iron and plastic with a long-lasting, extra-strong adhesive.

Also works on: Works great on all curtain rod types including fluted and telescoping rods.

Transparent: Once applied, Curtain Slide Tape is completely transparent.

Spans joint in rod: Prevents rings from getting stuck at extension point of telescoping curtain rods.

Easy & Quick to install. Clean the top of the curtain rod, pull off the blue plastic backing and press the tape onto the top of curtain rod.