INSTallation instructions


The Curtain Slide Tape is easily installed on an existing or new curtain rod by simply following the instructions below.  Note - adjustable length or telescoping curtain rods will need to be installed before Curtain Slide tape is applied because the rod length cannot be changed after tape is applied.

Clean & Dry: Clean the top of the curtain rod to remove any dust, grease, soap, wax or other products that might prevent the tape from properly adhering. Use the enclosed alcohol wipe to remove excessive dirt then dry the top of the curtain rod with a clean dry cloth.


Measure & Cut: Cut a piece of Curtain Slide tape equal to the length of the curtain rod. 


Install Prep: For an already installed curtain rod, push the curtain rings all the way to one end of the curtain rod. 


Begin Install: Starting at one end of the Curtain Slide Tape, peel off about 6 inches of the backing which covers the adhesive on the bottom of the tape. 


Installing "RAMP" for extendable rods: For extension or telescoping curtain rods, you should first measure the drop off between the large rod and the smaller rod. Take this measurement on top of the rod where the rings slide across the rod. If this distance is greater than 1/16th of an inch you should use the enclosed "ramp" to make a smoother transition. First, measure the ramp and cut to size using scissors (top of ramp should not extend above larger rod.) Next install tape, using instructions below, until you get to the joint in the rod. Then place the ramp on top of the rod and cover it with the curtain slide tape so that there is a smooth transition from the large rod to the smaller rod. If not using the ramp, you should stretch the tape across the joint. Do not press the tape into the joint in the curtain rod, only press the tape down to within an inch on either side of the joint. 


Apply Tape: Apply the sticky adhesive side of the tape to one end of the curtain rod, pressing the tape firmly against the top of the rod. {Note - Avoid taking the tape off and reapplying since this will reduce the adhesive quality of the tape.} 


Finish Install: Slowly apply the Curtain Slide tape to the entire length of the curtain rod, peeling off the backing as you go and firmly pressing the tape onto the top of the rod. 


Install Note: For an already installed rod, when you reach the part of the rod with existing curtain rings, thread the remaining tape through the rings (with backing still on.) Then slide the curtain rings onto the part of the curtain rod that has the newly installed tape on it. Now finish applying the tape to the remaining exposed curtain rod.