frequently asked questions 2

Does the tape work on shower curtain rods?

YES, curtain slide tape works on a straight shower curtain rod as long as you first clean the top of the shower rod very well. 

Can I remove and then re-apply the Curtain Slide Tape?

No. Removing the Curtain Slide Tape and re-applying it on the same curtain rod or another curtain rod will reduce the effectiveness of the silicone adhesive backing.  This will void the warranty. 

Can I purchase Curtain Slide Tape in retail stores?

Curtain Slide Tape is currently available through this web site as well as through®.

Do curtain and drapery installers use Curtain Slide Tape?

Yes, we have many curtain and drapery installers who purchase Curtain Slide Tape to use in their customer installations.  

Can I purchase Curtain Slide Tape in lengths other than 8 feet?

Currently the only lengths being offered are 8 feet and 50 feet.  For large orders we will consider cutting custom lengths for a small additional processing fee... please email us at for additional information.