Customer testimonials


Telescoping Rod

I have purchased thousands of products in my life and have been disappointed in most of them. Your product, however, is a fantastic exception. I have never been more pleased with anything!! My curtain rings slide with amazing ease. Thanks for this wonderful product. 

--Rick, Arkansas USA 



Adjustable-length Rod

My wife and I think your product is great! You should approach Restoration Hardware from the stand point that, had we not found and bought your product, they would have been saddled with a substantial merchandise return. They offer nice looking rods but they have poor tube transitions. Further, their "fix" of little plastic annular bevels is laughable.   I was faced with either returning them or ginning up a home solution. Your product was an elegant solution at the right time and place. Thanks! 



Wrought Iron Rod

I am the Chief Engineer at Willows Lodge, an 84 room hotel. We have wrought iron rods in each room, with curtains hung on rings of the same material. The curtains in our rooms were so hard to open that guests were literally pulling the curtains off the wall trying to open and close them. Now that we’ve installed Curtain Slide Tape in ALL of our 84 rooms, the curtains open and close smoothly and easily. I’m very happy with the product. 

--Willows Lodge, WA 



Telescoping Rod

Wanted to let you know this worked great! Our rod has a pretty large "joint" and now the rod is usable without unhooking my curtains or getting out a ladder. Sunlight!! Thanks so much! 


Adjustable-length Rod

What a great product you have. We have a telescoping tubular curtain rod and the drapery rings would always snag where the smaller rod meets the larger. I applied the tape, and now – no more problem! The drapes now slide smoothly and easily. Thanks for a wonderful product that actually does what it claims to do. I believe there's nothing comparable on the market.

--Customer in Goleta, CA 

Window Treatment Installation Company

Wanted to let you know that I installed Curtain Slide Tape for the first time this past week. It did the job, as advertised, on a sticky, well used metal expandable rod/ring treatment. The homeowner was pleased with the much improved operation. I'll be placing an order for the contractor's size roll of 3/4" width in the near future. 

--Jim, Wheaton Illinois 

Silk Curtains

Just wanted to Thank you for your fast response in sending us the curtain slide tape. It really works well. Love how easy it is now to pull the drapes closed. I have silk draperies and didn't want to ruin them by pulling tn them so much. 

--N. Worthington 

Fluted wood rods

I received the Curtain Slide tape in the mail just a few days after my order. To be completely honest, I was not sure if it was really going to work. I have silk, french pleated, lined drapes that are each 8 feet wide...they are heavy. They are on 2" fluted wood rods with wooden rings. I have tried spraying silicon to help them "glide" easier and was getting frustrated when it would only work for a week or so... not to mention that it does not smell good and I had to be very careful that the spray did not get on the silk. Thinking there weren't many options, I went onto Google and searched until I found your product. I cleaned the rods and easily attached the tape. I cannot believe how wonderful the tape works!!! I wish I would have found your product sooner and will definitely tell friends/family/anyone about it. Just wanted to take time to say "Thank You". Thank you for making it possible for me to no longer cringe when I open and close my beautiful drapes!!! Sometimes it's all about the little things!

--Alyse, Alamo CA 

Telescoping/adjustable rods

We purchased telescoping/adjustable rods from Pottery Barn® and had the hardest time with the curtains and rings. The curtain rod had a fairly large drop between the larger and smaller rod where the rings would snag. We purchased and installed Curtain Slide tape including the small plastic ramp you include in the package. It worked perfectly!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! This product turned a practically unusable rod into a functioning rod!!! And your customer service was superb! We will be purchasing more in the future! 

--Monica, Wilmington NC 

Metal rods and rings bind when opening or closing

Thanks for the slide tape for our curtains. It works fantastic. I can't find anything like it here, just north of Toronto, Ontario and yet everyone buys metal curtain rods with metal rings that always bind when opening or closing. If you could get this product into Canadian Tire® and/or Home Hardware®, this product would sell by word of mouth alone.

--Paul, Alliston Ontario Canada 

Yanking Curtain Rods Off The Wall

I had very beautiful curtains that I loved and I changed them for about 4 years because they would not flow and I was yanking them off the wall. I ordered the Curtain Slide tape and I was very skeptical that it would work. However, now that I have it installed I am very happy - my curtains are flowing smoothly. Thanks! 

--Michelle, Dundas Ontario Canada 

Curtains with Grommets

Thanks for your superior customer service. What a pleasure to actually hear from a seller in a timely and informative manner. 

I needed the tape for rods in a large room filled with lots of windows to maximize a wonderful view of the Mississippi River. The tape is working wonderfully, doing exactly what it is intended for - allowing the grommets to slide easily along the length of the rods. Overall I'm very happy with the product; it does exactly what I wanted it to do in a simple, clean, invisible way. Oh, and a bonus: The grommets don't make as much noise sliding along the tape as along the rods. 

--Helen, Pepin WI 

Heavy curtains on long curtain rod

I am sooooooo happy! I got the tape an hour ago and at once put it up!! It works great! My rods are about 112 inches from the ground and I have to give them a significant tug no matter what. But having this tape makes it run so much smoother. I no longer feel that I will rip the curtain mounts right off the wall. Now on the lower rods it is seamless. Love Love Love the tape. 


Telescoping Rod

It was a pleasure to discover your Curtain Slide Tape when I did a Google search to solve the problem with my "curtain rings catching on telescoping rod joint." The tape works great! The directions are simple and easy to follow and it only took a few minutes to apply the tape to my rods. My husband was ready to get rid of the rods, which I really liked. The tape has solved the problem.

--Kay in Boulder, CO 

Custom Drapery business

We love the curtain slide tape. It has made it so much easier to operate drapes on rings or grommets. We've had no problems with installation or operation. We recently used it on a pair of drapes made of tapestry material, lined and interlined 14 feet long, boy were they heavy! The family could not move them but the curtain slide tape did the trick! 

--Designs by Mara, Mountlake Terrace, WA 

Adjustable-length Rod

June 2, 2011 - For years I settled with the annoyance of yanking my patio curtain over the blunt speed bump of the connection point of my two curtain rods, in the process often unhooking the curtain from the rings and causing a slow avalanche of fabric. It was such a dreadful procedure that I often ended up choosing to live in darkness rather than welcoming into my home the glorious Southern California sunlight. I was told that the quality of the curtain rings may be the cause so I found the rings of the best quality available but the situation did not improve.


One day, during my relentless online quest for a solution, I discovered the web site of "Curtain Slide Tape." Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on new curtain rods, I decided to try this more affordable option. It was fabulous! The tape arrived 4-days after I placed my order. I cleaned the rod and applied the tape according to the package instructions...putting the tape on was easy. I could not wait to give it my first pull. An amazing thing happened, the rings glided over the rod as smoothly as silk... the difference is night and day. I liked the product so much that I ordered a 50 foot roll to share with my friends and family members. My high recommendation goes to this product! 

--Julie - Pasadena, California 

Telescoping Curtain Rod

I recently purchased your Curtain Slide tape for my telescoping rod in my bay window. I had my doubts that your product would work - I tried using electric tape to get the rings to move easily over the joint - to no avail. With trepidation, I ordered your product and applied it the moment I received it. And, to my great pleasure and surprise - my curtains now open without a struggle! 


I am bewildered to why they sell these telescoping rods in the first place. I sincerely believe that department stores (such as JC Penny) should stock your product right next to the telescoping rods. You will definitely see me purchasing your product for the rest of my windows - I don't need it to overcome any telescoping joint - but it definitely makes drapes open smoother. 

--Customer in Albany NY 

Fluted Curtain Rod

WOW. Very impressive product! We had mounted fluted wooden rods above four sets of French doors in our sun room, and purchased the 8 curtain panels before realizing the wooden curtain rings wouldn't glide on the rod. Curtain Slide Tape was quick, easy to apply and corrected the problem instantly. Thank you! 


Adjustable-length Rod

My wife had a drapery guy install draw drapes in our living room, and at the same time he put in the curtain rod I used your product on. He apparently is unaware of Curtain Slide Tape because he really had no good suggestions for overcoming the problems we were having with the drapery rings hanging up on the rod joints. I hope you're able to get the word out to professional installers. Personally, I'm just happy to have been able to find you on the Web.


Adjustable-length Rod

I have a curtain rod where the curtain rings stick at the joint in the rod. I applied your Curtain Slide Tape and I'm pleased to say that the curtain rings now slide very smoothly along the curtain pole. I'm very pleased with the Curtain Slide Tape and would be happy to recommend it.

--Paul in Great Britain